Our first Health Africa event.

At Liberty Health we are dedicated to helping build better, more resilient organisations across
the African continent. This is done through creating a healthy workforce.

We are therefore committed to listening to and embracing different perspectives,
which is why Health Africa shares different views from the African business community.

Our first Health Africa event featured a group of experts from across the continent.

If you missed the event, you can watch the individual speaker video recordings, the full event recording,
or download and read the Africa Health Report below. Please also sign up for future Health Africa events.

Professor Morgan Chetty

Chairman KZNDHC, IPA Foundation of SA
KwaZulu Natal Doctors Healthcare Coalition Ltd

No one is safe,
till we are all safe

Busting myths about COVID and how we can
get back to business as usual.

Isaac Thembo

Sta Care Lead
World Vision Zambia

Why mental health is important,
especially now

There can be no business health without
employee mental health.

Paul Egan

Director of Strategic Marketing
UCT Liberty Institute

One step from

The story of Africa’s working middle class and how
one health emergency can aect many

Maziko Kumbani

People & Culture Manager Shared Services
Standard Bank Malawi

Health insurance –
the new currency

Exploring the financial freedom that comes
out of health insurance.

Gregory Rockson

Co-founder and CEO

Counting the
real cost

In a world where Africans pay more for medicine,
health insurance can help lower the
cost for employees.

Roger Wiseman

Head of Clinical Risk Management
Liberty Health

A matter
of facts

The importance of using an evidence-based
approach to healthcare.

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